It seemed something was missing in Echo Park. Something sweet, whimsical, unabashedly childlike and reminiscent of simpler times. This need grew and grew until suddenly, Echo Park’s fairy godmother decided to do us a solid and poof! — there appeared Icy Rush Co.  The quintessential vintage, parlor-style, mom and pop shop offering delicious, fresh homemade flavors to appease the hungry child in us all. As owner Laura Flores Palacios puts it, “Icy Rush Co. was founded while reminiscing about simpler times when children would run out to the streets and chase the ice cream truck, or couples would share one sweet milkshake with two straws.” Our inner 1950s romantic is swooning.

We were hooked after they opened this past January 2016, and lucky for us, our dream was granted to shoot and feature this lovely ice cream parlor on I, Echo Park. There’s only one photographer we could imagine embarking on such a delectably sweet and colorful journey with us — his royal sweetness, Dana Tarr. His images brought the whimsical charm of Icy Rush to life with vivid accuracy. And us, well, we just love ice cream and couldn’t help our girlish delight as we indulged in many a cone of goodness.

We had the pleasure of catching up with owner extraordinaire, Laura Flores Palacios, and got to learn a little more about this lovely creation that is, Icy Rush Co. 


IEP: You have some of the freshest, most unique flavors we’ve tasted in a long time — what’s your secret? And what components, such as ingredients and preparation, do you believe make the perfect ice cream?

IR:  All of our ice cream is hand made. We pick, wash, peel, cut and blend the fruit, taste for the right sweetness and make it into an ice cream. There is no artificial flavors or high fructose syrups in our products. We make sure every ingredient is fresh and delicious for a perfect formula. A few of our unique flavors come from authentic Mexican ingredients that have been used in that culture for decades. Like cajeta and Mexican chocolate.  We also combine classic American flavors like smores and cookies and cream. Combining the two cultures is part of Icy Rush Co. and we always have something for everybody — vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free.


IEP: You mentioned that your mother played a big role in inspiring some of your flavors. What recipes and tastes from childhood inspired flavors found at Icy Rush?

IR: My mother used to cook everything from scratch for us, even the desserts. So she would made her own pies and flans. She taught me how to make her fabulous key lime pie (which has become a favorite), flan, cheesecakes, etc.
IEP: What is your personal favorite kind of ice cream?
IR: It’s hard to pick a favorite, but depending on the weather I would pick between cajeta and red wine sangria.


IEP: Any new, exciting flavors coming soon?
IR: Icy Rush Co. is a vintage concept ice cream boutique where we like to keep things simple and delicious as ice cream was intended to be. However, we are always looking for new exciting flavors. We follow the fruits and flavors of the season. We love making what our customers are craving.