A celebration is in order! We have lots to be cheery about these days, we hit 10K on Instagram (yay!!) and we’ve been busy bees putting together lots of fun collaborations that we can’t to share with you! All that hard work calls for a little play and what better way to enjoy our day off than a visit to the ever popular Museum of Ice Cream? To be honest, we were intrigued by all the colorful shots we’ve seen on Instagram and of course the free samples! We gussied up in shiny metallics, cropped tops and of course a little touch of pink to play off of the fun designs of the space. It wasn’t quite what we expected, but here’s a few tips and our thoughts on the exhibit!

Tip 1: First off, don’t bring your man — he’ll be bored stiff. We made the mistake of thinking this was more about the history of ice cream, with some cool installations thrown in that we could all enjoy. It’s not that at all. This is strictly an art exhibit made for social media snaps. As it’s maybe not the best date spot, we’d recommend making it a friend outing instead!

Tip 2: We found it was a little rushed and crowded. Whatever shot you want to take, be assured there’s a line of people behind you waiting to use that same background. There was little to no time to really enjoy any of the art — you were either in someone’s way or the next group was already on their way in. The sprinkles pool was by far the coolest part, and felt amazing on your feet — but you’re only limited to 3 minutes so don’t plan on lounging poolside. You’ll want to get your shot as soon as you can so you can have time to play around in there.

Tip 3: Plan out your shot ideas. With all the people in there, you’ll certainly be watched as you pose and try to get the best shot possible. We’re pretty used to that since we shoot out on location often, but even we felt a little uncomfortable at certain points as we felt more in the way than anything else. The swings are a popular shot, but an awkward location for having any privacy whatsoever to shoot. So we’d recommend popping by their Instagram page to get some idea’s first so you can plan ahead.

Tip 4:  Come hungry! They give out lots of samples of good proportion, so make sure you have room to devour every bite. We somehow made the space in our tummy’s for them all. The Salt & Straw sample in the first room was our favorite!

Tip 5:  It is HOT in there (even though it’s an ice cream museum), so dress appropriately. We both brought blazers to complete our outfits, but with the capacity of people in there, those jackets were off in the first 5 minutes. By the end of our experience, we needed some fresh air to cool down. Just something something to keep in mind!

Overall, we’re glad we went, but it’s really only a one time thing for us. While everything is beautiful to shoot with, we were hoping for a more relaxed environment, and the price point is a little high for what it is at $30 dollars. If you’re a blogger or just a die hard fan of pink and ice cream, then we’d recommend going–the photos are sure to draw some attention to your account! We hope our tips help plan out your trip there and give you a little insight of what to expect. If you’ve been yourself, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the Museum in the comments below!


On Ashley: Victoria’s Secret cropped top, Sunner silk pants and her favorite limited edition sequin Converse sneakers.

On Arielle: Lush black cropped top, Ashley’s mother’s vintage 80’s pink leather mini skirt and Zara booties.