We’re all smiles this year, and it’s not just because Los Angeles is so green with the all rain we’ve had! We collaborated with Smile Brilliant, an amazing at home teeth whitening kit, and we’re GIVING AWAY a whitening kit!

With all the delicious coffee we drink, (Hello WoodCat Coffee), our teeth need a brightening from time to time. Now, we’ve tried lots of different whitening products over the years, and we have to say this is absolutely the best whitening kit we’ve ever used. Within just a couple of sessions, we saw amazing results. Smile Brilliant products are also very easy on the teeth, which is perfect for tooth sensitivity.

The process includes creating a personalized teeth whitening tray that you create out of molds, send out and in return received our trays that fit perfectly. After whitening, the desensitizing gel helps to give us had little to no tooth sensitivity post process. At home whitening allows us to wear it while we work, make phone calls and get ready for our night. The trays are thin like Invisaline, so you can barely tell you have them on at all! We find it best to pop on about an hour or so before date night for an extra pop of white.

So what are you waiting for?! Enter to WIN a FREE at home whitening kit, and get the smile you’ve always wanted! We highly recommend Smile Brilliant. Once you switch, you’ll never go back! Get ready for a while, brilliant smile!

You can take a look at the reviews and see for yourself! Also, check out their Youtube channel!