We were so thrilled that Tobi reached out to us again for another amazing collaboration! We love how versatile their collections are, from statement dresses to everyday sweaters, there’s always something for everyone! For this collab, we took to the streets of East LA to plan day and night looks, all styled with Tobi.

For our first look, we strutted down the streets of Silverlake and Echo Park in Tobi green tones and our Grip Handbags to a very European-inspired coffee date at Chango.

Next, we hopped next door to our favorite local market, Cookbook. In our Tobi sweaters paired with skirts, we felt très chic as we stopped to smell the flowers. How very French of us indeed!

Our day out on the town had to end with happy hour cocktails, naturally. Playing off of sunset tones, we gussied up in a Tobi sweater and gilded dress for a night out in Echo Park. It was quite the fashionable day in these amazing day-to-night pieces! Thank you, Tobi, for the great additions (and now staples) to our wardrobe!


10. Vintage Stella McCartney heels on Arielle.