We love summer – the sun, the pools, the bikinis, the sunnies, the colorful towels to envelope yourself in at sunset. All things to smile about, especially in California where summer is well under way by Memorial Day Weekend. As our skin turns shades of olive and winter woes fade away, out come the pearly whites, which is why we’ve become huge fans of Smile Brilliant * and their amazing (seriously the best we’ve ever used) Teeth Whitening Trays. To make your summer a little brighter this year, we’ve teamed up with Smile Brilliant for an amazing giveaway deal! We’re giving away $25.00 gift cards towards your own Smile Brilliant Kit! All you have to do is sign up for the offer here: Smile Brilliant Giveaway

These trays are perfect Sensitive Teeth, like Arielle who stayed away from most teeth whiteners as they always left her in excruciating pain. We couldn’t believe how fast and painless the process was, made possible in part by their comfortable Custom-Fitted Trays. We also love that their Gel Ingredients are Vegan and Cruelty-Free. So make sure to get our discount code to get your very own Smile Brilliant Kit!

Another favorite summer find we’ve been fortunate to collaborate with is Sunkit and their Gorgeous, Handcrafted Kikoy Towels. * So chic, unique and multi-faceted, it’s a towel, sarong or shawl all in one, depending on your need at the moment or mood. Sunkit’s Kikoy towels come in a wide variety of gorgeous colors and patterns, are trimmed with handmade fringes and lined with a layer of toweling terry for water absorption.

Of course our Memorial Day wouldn’t be complete without our favorite, adorably colorfully Sunnies by House of Correia .* These shades and the fabulous ladies behind them are eclectic, timeless and bold. Each House of Correia piece echoes a magical world of its own, boasting the perfect daytime outfit topper.

Last but not least, we’re loving our new Bikinis by Cupshe. Well-priced, with colorful patterns and stunning shapes, Cupshe’s bikinis are great for both water sports, tanning and, ahem, strutting. Get your peach bums ready for some sun!

We hope our Memorial Day finds offer some fun, fresh ideas for your summer closet. Happy Days and Smiles!


Ashley & Arielle

* Sponsored Collaboration

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