Ah, the crisp autumn air finally rolls in. With the new season here, I knew it was also time for a hair change. I’ve been eyeing all the colorful tones in everyone’s locks this year and found my self stuck with the same tone season after season. As if the universe could sense my dyer need for a new do, Jen Puebla Alfaro (also known as Chroma Crowns) reached out to us for a fun hair collaboration! She recently relocated to the East Side from Orange County and has started at Novak Salon in Echo Park. I was so excited to try something fresh and new and Novak is just up the street from me, perfect!
Upon arrival, I was cheerfully greeted by Jen —who has stunning teal iridescent mermaid hair, which I couldn’t stop admiring. After my consultation, we decided to go with a golden balayage to tone down my bright summer hair. I sipped on english breakfast tea in a cute pinterest-worthy mug as we gleefully chatted about our day.

About half way through my balayage, I mentioned to Jen just how much I loved her hair, wishing I could do something cool like that. She educated me that with my golden blonde coloring, I could do a shade of pink, that would show up as a rose gold tone. She suggested we throw in just a couple pieces near the bottom and guaranteed me I’d be back next time asking her to put in even more. So, I went for it!

Well, after an epic head massage (seriously, why does every salon not do this), I got an amazing blow out finished off with straightener-curled waves. As bold as I was feeling, I truthfully was still a little bit nervous about the color change. Yet, I was absolutely in LOVE with my new tone. My balayage was stunning, accompanied by colorful rose gold tips weaved into my hair. The colors seamlessly blended and matched my skin tone perfectly. Oh, and she was totally right. I’ll be back to have more rose gold hair—it’s my new obsession.

 Overall, Jen was amazing. Thank you so much for talking me into getting the rose gold! I feel edgy, stylish and beautiful with my new locks. The compliments came pouring in from friends, family and fans!

So, if you’re in LA and looking for a fresh new do and an amazingly kind, talented hair dresser, look no further than Miss Chroma Crowns herself. You can call/ text her at: 949-306-9108 or via email at chromacrowns@gmail.com to book your appointment with her at Novak. Check out her other work on her Instagram: @ChromaCrowns . Oh, and don’t be afraid to go bold, she won’t let you down. Just tell her Ashley sent you!