Ah, paradise. I felt so lucky to be in Hawaii, and I mean lucky. I actually WON a trip to Oahu thanks to Expedia! Yes, people actually win those contests–crazy right? So, I took my mother and brother on the trip of a lifetime. I won a three night stay in Honolulu–and my cousin lives on the other side of the island, so we got to experience the real local’s Hawaii too. I basically lived in the water, chowed down on local grub and got to see the entire island. But, most importantly, I finally, finally got to relax and not do a single bit of work.

When packing, I advise to pack light and simple. Island life is so laid back, and you’ll want to let your hair down and embrace. I let my natural hair go a bit wild–it was impossible to keep it tamed with all the snorkeling, so pack some good moisturizing conditioner. For clothes, I ended up wearing a couple of the same pieces the entire trip. Since you mostly live in your bathing suit, you’ll just need a few staple items like a long dress, waterproof sandals and tanks and shorts. (That golden tan brings all your old summer pieces back to life!) The backdrops alone are photo-worthy, so popping yourself in front of pretty much any natural surrounding should do the trick.

I hope you enjoy my shots from my trip, may they inspire your own Hawaiian getaway!

xoxo, Ashley